In the Wake of Trauma

In my early childhood I witnessed my father’s violence towards my mother. I grew into an adulthood that included incidents of street, gun, and sexual violence. Ignited by the experiences of growing up in environments with domestically violent aggressors, I chose to create a body of work representing domestic violence survivors within my own millennial generation.

When I began the search for subjects I was shocked by the number of survivors and victims that existed within my personal community. I took the opportunity to gain intimate access to these individuals, photographing them in spaces that contain memories of their experiences. Ownership of these spaces are given back to the person through recognizing the importance of their narratives.

Our society seldom acknowledges the consequences of domestic violence, which is a serious humanitarian issue. In the Wake of Trauma strives to abolish the preconceived notions of what it means to be a “survivor” by witnessing beauty, growth, and pain.


Corcoran School of Art + Design Senior Thesis